About Us

Fifth Element opened its doors to the Twin Lakes, Michigan community in April 2022.

We bring the best cannabis products sourced from local Michigan cannabis growers to you as part of Michigan’s green rush.

We enjoy watching the industry flourish and are proud to be a part of the end of one era and the beginning of something new. It results from years of education and a cannabis community that is only growing in popularity.

It Started With a Local Dream

Our company was founded with a vision. We wanted to be a part of the new age, where recreational cannabis, Earth’s finest element, is legal and accessible. For the community that has worked so hard to bring about this change, we hope to promote and support our local growers and community.

Sourcing cannabis products from local West Michigan growers is an important part of our business. All of our products come from suppliers within a 40-mile radius. It’s also important to us that we provide the best quality product to you, and that you can always find what you are looking for here.

We Are Your People

Our company is a fun place to work, and we wanted a name that matched our spirit. We had a few ideas we tossed around, but Fifth Element was the one that stuck. It conveys our vision perfectly! We love the way Earth provides us with everything we need and believe it has provided us with the finest natural element – cannabis. We want to bring the Earth’s finest, and Michigan’s finest to you.

Whether you are a cannabis connoisseur or new to the market, we want your visit to Fifth Element to feel like dropping by and talking to a friend. You can ask us anything and we will do our best to answer all your questions. We are here to make you feel comfortable, and to help you find the best cannabis products for you.

At Fifth Element,
We Always Want You to Feel in Your Element

Whether you shop online to pick up or spend some time in our store, our goal is to make sure you always feel at home. After all, we want your experience with us to be fun, comfortable, and relaxed.

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